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How the heck did I become a senior? The past three years have flown by, and with only winter and spring term left, I am starting to feel the nostalgic reality that my precious time left at Dartmouth is winding down. But, before I walk across that stage in June and conclude my undergraduate career, here are a few things I still have left on my senior year bucket list. 

  1. Do the polar plunge

Hailing from Buffalo, I had plenty of opportunities in high school to do polar plunges for charity but chose to instead savor the warmth of my winter jacket and cheer on my crazy friends. Seeing as though I would not do the polar plunge even for charity, I had a hard time believing that I would ever get behind the Dartmouth Winter Carnival tradition of jumping into a hole cut out from the center of Occom Pond in February (with a rope tied around my waist and the fire department looking on, of course). Well, perhaps it's the senior year nostalgia or perhaps the excitement of a time-old tradition has gotten to me, but this year my friends and I decided that we are going to do the polar plunge. We'll see how it goes.

  1. Spend a night at a Vermont bed & breakfast with friends

Living in beautiful New England has made me always want to take advantage of the plethora of cute Vermont Bed & Breakfasts. So, this winter my friends and I have decided that we are going to book one for a night and spend the weekend chilling in front of huge fireplaces, telling stories, and embracing being unplugged from the craziness of everyday life. To me, a B&B is the epitome of cute, small-town Vermont, and I cannot wait to enjoy a relaxing weekend with my favorite people. 

  1. See a moose

Well, this one isn't really something I can control, but ever since arriving at Dartmouth, I have wanted to see a moose. When I did my van certification test for the Dartmouth Outing Club, I was instructed in what to do if I ever passed a moose on the road. In hearing this, I naively believed that I would be seeing moose all the time. But, to my disappointment, I have yet to see a moose or ever come across moose tracks. I have heard moose can be aggressive, so fingers crossed I see one within the next two terms--preferably from afar!

  1. Learn to tap for maple syrup

At Dartmouth, we have something called "sugar crew" within the Dartmouth Outing Club that is responsible for tapping trees for syrup. Maple syrup is a not-so-secret obsession of mine, so this year I hope to accompany sugar crew for a day so that I can see the whole process in action!

While there are certainly other things on my senior year bucket list that I have forgotten to mention, these four pretty much top the list. We'll see how the adventures unfold over the next two terms!

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