machu picchu overlook
colleen and her parents

Dartmouth Pride is a Family Matter: Guest Blog From a Dartmouth Mom

Dartmouth pride is contagious. It swells up, bursts out, and catches those in its path. My daughter is extremely pleased with her decision to attend Dartmouth College (and so are we!) The opportunities and experiences she has been afforded...

Colleen at the top of Mt. Machu Picchu

Back-to-back Study Abroads… You Crazy?!

When I first told my parents that I wanted to complete back-to-back study abroad programs in two very different countries (China and Peru) the summer and fall following my first year at Dartmouth, I was met with mixed emotions.

Colleen and friends pensive on a mountain
Colleen and Matt playing laser tag
Colleen and friends group selgie
Colleen and her friend Matt in front of a flowering tree in the spring

Reflections on Junior Year

In talking about Dartmouth, I think it can be very easy to omit the discussion of friendship. I never actually take the time to talk about my day-to-day experiences and the people who truly make Dartmouth feel like a home...