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Oh, the Places I've Been!

While Hanover might be a peaceful and secluded town, I've learned that the outside world isn't so far away.

My Favorite Classes Freshman Year

I've now completed four out of my twelve "on" terms on campus.

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Surprise Contributions to Acclaimed Art!

Getting the opportunity to meet prominent artists and performers has been a huge perk of being a student here, and to be honest, and as a person who hasn't really sought out these kinds of moments, randomly meeting Gina is kind of a miracle. 

Dorm Aesthetic 101

Possibly one of the most exciting parts about first arriving on campus: decorating your dorm room!

NARP Life: Staying Fit at Dartmouth

As a non-varsity athlete – lovingly dubbed a NARP (non-athletic regular person) – I don't have an 8 am lift session, nor do I commit basically all of my extra hours to a sport.