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How can I do research on the social sciences?

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As an economics major, I've had so many chances to do research at Dartmouth! In fact, my coursework itself has given me the opportunity to write two research papers of my own: I conducted empirical research relating market size with innovation, as well as research predicting the effect of patent laws on pharmaceutical development in my culminating experience classes, ECON 48 (Topics in Public Economics) and ECON 82 (Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics). Currently, I'm helping other econ students write their papers as a teaching assistant for culminating experiences in economics. 

Research in the social sciences doesn't just happen when you're an upperclassman. Dartmouth hands out research opportunities like candy: beginning my sophomore year, I got to collect and analyze SEC data on mergers and acquisitions as Professor Eckbo's research assistant at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business -- I also got paid to do so under the Presidential Scholars program

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