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“You can throw it on The Green,
You can throw it at your dean!”

These sprightly rhymes were a welcome distraction from my studies. In a poem sent from to the entire campus, “Dr. Seuss” invited challenged us all to a snowball fight, asking in the subject line: “Would you, could you, in the snow?”

Cindy Shen
Last year's snowball fight

Dr. Seuss sent the same poem during the first snowfall last year, and I remember my freshman self eagerly darting to The Green with friends in the thick of midterms season.

Even as a sophomore, I felt the same wave of excitement, and it's easy to see why:

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Me, a fallen warrior
At midnight, armed with warm gloves and snow pants, my friends and I charged to the crowded Green for yet another battle. Immediately, I was struck in the back by an unidentified peer. I quickly responded, shoveling snow into my fists and chucking it in all directions. As the night progressed, I tackled and was tackled into the snow (friendly fire), ducked behind a snow fort to hide from some formidable assailants, and began a war between my friends and some students I’d never met before. I watched balls of snow sail through the air from friends and strangers alike hitting me and those around me. I saw a girl run from her attacking friend only to trip and fall face-first, laughing, onto the snow below. It was first-grade recess all over again: it didn’t matter whether you were friends or strangers, you were all part of the game. 

Our annual snowball fight fosters the spirit of inclusivity that shows me how Dartmouth actively cultivates a sense of family. As a sophomore, the snowball fight might not be a novel tradition to me anymore, but I still felt like the same old freshman running off to battle. There's something about throwing snow at your fellow classmates that's (for lack of a better word) magical. It's an amazing moment where I'm reminded why I love this place -- for all those times I've felt like my brain has been run a marathon here, I've had fun and silly moments to complement that "runner's high." 

The midnight snowball fight is a small and often overlooked tradition, but it's one of those hidden gems that makes Dartmouth extra special.

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