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I've heard numerous times that you shouldn't room with your best friend, especially if you want to stay friends. With this in mind, Steph (my best friend) and I went ahead and decided that a perpetual sleepover was a great idea.

And honestly, it was.

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I've blogged about my rooming experiences before. In my time at Dartmouth (all of five terms -- a little over a year), I have lived the single life, the one-room double life, and now, the two-room double life; all have their perks, but I have to say living in a two-room double has to take the cake. 

A two-room double means I get the best of both worlds: not only do I get a space to call uniquely my own, but I also always have a close friend to return to every day. All the pros I felt about my previous rooming experiences have been bundled into one perfect dorm space. 

So there really isn't the threat of a best friend rooming disaster.

In fact, rooming together has made us even closer.

And so without further ado, these have been just a few of the perks of living with my best friend:

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