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A sizable portion of student body is involved in Greek Life (sorority/fraternity life) at Dartmouth. So you might wonder: is being unaffiliated "social suicide?" 

As a person who is unaffiliated by choice, I can confidently tell you that the answer is no. 

Before I continue, keep in mind that you, dear reader (as a potential or incoming freshman), will have a full year on campus before you can even make the decision to rush a Greek house. That means that you'll have a decent idea of what sorority/fraternity life is like by the time you rush. Personally, I participated in the first round of sorority recruitment before dropping out. While finding another community on campus appealed to me, I realized during rush that I already had multiple communities on campus that didn't require my identity be tethered to a Greek label. I didn't see a point in continuing recruitment, and I've been really happy with my decision since. 

For more perspective on this topic, here's my social life as a new sophomore, sans-affiliation: 

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