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With terms like “on” and “off” to describe our D-Plans, you might expect Dartmouth students to behave like a light switch. The reality is that “off” terms, despite the name, aren’t actually like hitting the snooze button on your college days.

To start off, let’s discuss the root of “on” and “off” terms: the D-Plan. As you might know, the D-Plan is Dartmouth’s customizable academic calendar. In lieu of semesters, we have quarterly terms running year-round. As a student, you get to pick (with a few exceptions like Sophomore Summer) which terms you’d like to spend “on” and which terms you’d like to spend “off.” (Study abroad terms, by the way, are considered “on”)

Off terms aren’t on campus, but they’re an essential part of a Dartmouth education. Since I’m currently taking my first off term, I’ve listed some of the typical things to do on an off-term, courtesy of personal experience:

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