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Surprise Contributions to Acclaimed Art!

Getting the opportunity to meet prominent artists and performers has been a huge perk of being a student here, and to be honest, and as a person who hasn't really sought out these kinds of moments, randomly meeting Gina is kind of a miracle. 

Dorm Aesthetic 101

Possibly one of the most exciting parts about first arriving on campus: decorating your dorm room!

NARP Life: Staying Fit at Dartmouth

As a non-varsity athlete – lovingly dubbed a NARP (non-athletic regular person) – I don't have an 8 am lift session, nor do I commit basically all of my extra hours to a sport.

What I've Learned This Year

Hello '22s! As you get ready for your next year, here's some things to keep in mind from a '21 who was very recently in your shoes: