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School is hard. Classes are tiring. But it's okay, because when the weekend hits, you have time to enjoy Hanover! This particular weekend my friends and I decided to hike Gile Mountain, a trail near campus to a tower which gives an incredible view. It so happens that this weekend happened to be "peak foliage" in Hanover, and needless to say, the hype did not disappoint.

We woke up that morning and it was cloudy and rainy, which originally was a bummer. Thankfully, by the time we decided to go it cleared up. As we were walking to the car, this happened!

As we left campus, we saw this rainbow! If you can't tell from the photo, it even touched the ground! Naturally we ran to the end to find the pot of gold. Sadly, no luck.

Once we got to the trailhead, it was kind of cold. My northerner friends made fun of me, claiming that as a Texan I will never survive the winter, but hey, I'm trying my best.

Us trekking up Giles! It's actually a pretty easy hike, and only about a mile roundtrip.

Once we reached the top, we climbed up Gile tower to get that iconic view we were waiting to see. 

I mean, look at this view. Absolutely incredible.

Red! Yellow! Orange! Everywhere! It was incredible. I'd never seen a view like it. But then it started raining. At first we were alarmed, until this appeared.

Rainbow Gile
Look! At! This! Beauty! There was a full, double rainbow (but I couldn't get a photo good enough to capture all it's glory). But still!!

All in all, it was a fantastic break from the library, and a fantastic hike. A perfect climax to a wonderful weekend.

Library View
Yet of course, here I am back at the library putting in work. Homework can't be that bad with views like this.

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