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My best friend and roommate, Anna, on the green when it was considerably warmer, and greener
Here at Dartmouth, we have a survey-based roommate pairing system, where you are matched with a random person who has similar answers to yours. You are asked several questions about things, like when you go to sleep, if you like the room loud, if you're introverted or extroverted, etc. It's kind of scary not having total control of who you live with, but good thing it works out pretty well.

As it turns out, my roommate Anna and I are best friends. Ok yeah, that sounds pretty cheesy, but it's true.

We're the southern gals on our floor; I'm from Houston, she's from Atlanta. Though I was hoping for a roommate from the north who would help me survive the cold, we're surviving the Hanover winters together.

Anna and I (featuring our other bestie Julie) enjoying the first big snow of the year.

Living with someone you don't really know is a big deal, but Dartmouth does such a good job pairing you with a compatible roomie. I don't know I'd do without Anna; we have such similar sleep schedules, eating habits, opinions about mac and cheese... I could go on forever. She's the best.

Birthday girl
It was Anna's birthday the other day! We took her out to celebrate at Molly's and surprised her with a cake from Lou's, which are two iconic Hanover dining establishments.

The moral of the story is, even if you don't pick your roommate, it works out! In fact, it probably even worked out better than any roommate I ever could have chosen myself. Even though I've only known her since September, it feels like I've known Anna a lifetime. I'm so glad we get to share a room in the choates together - Cohen for life!

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