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Dartmouth Farm
Flower backpack

It all started with a blitz (the Dartmouth lingo for email). It was a spontaneous decision, but after a long day of homework and classes, a nice trip to the farm sounded like the perfect opportunity to relax and have some wholesome fun.

If you had told high school me that I would be hanging out at an organic farm in college I would have probably just laughed in your face. But hey, this is college, which is all about trying new things. So there I was, taking advantage of the opportunities before me and heading to Dartmouth’s own organic farm!

The O-Farm is conveniently situated less than ten minutes away from campus along the Connecticut River. Dartmouth owns 220 acres of land from gardens to forests and everything in between. It’s very picturesque. Given the wide range of types of land here, there are so many opportunities for students to get involved at the farm. For me, I opted for a nice Friday afternoon fireside hangout. There were chips, hummus, tea, the organic farm’s very own carrots that were just recently pulled from the ground, and of course, a campfire. Nothing beats relaxing by the fire with your friends, while taking in the gorgeous scenery of the Upper Valley. It was amazing. I would highly recommend.


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