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Over the summer when I was packing up and heading to college, I started to get a little scared that I was never going to see any movies in college. Okay, that's not really a normal thing to be scared of, but hey! I'm a big movie buff and LOVE going to the theatre. I was under the impression that Hanover, small little town in the middle of nowhere, was not going to have any options in terms of fine cinema. Oh, was I wrong.

Telluride ticket
My Telluride at Dartmouth Ticket, featuring all the movies I saw. Personally, The Front Runner was my favorite, but honestly they were all amazing.
Within a day of orientation, my friends and I found a program running through the Hopkins Center for the Arts (AKA, the HOP) called Telluride at Dartmouth. Yes, you heard me right. Dartmouth brought 7 of the best films from the Telluride Film Festival to campus, and I got to see them all, months before they release in theatres. 

But that isn't even the best part. The HOP runs movies weekly, bringing in anything from big popular movies such as Crazy Rich Asians, to movies by acclaimed filmmakers such as Ulrike Ottinger. There are endless opportunites to see new movies. If you can't find what you're looking for at the HOP, you can go down Main Street to the Nugget, the small, quaint theatre in town where they also play movies that you wouldn't normally find in theatres.

However, my favorite experience with HOP entertainment so far is when I got to see A Star is Born a week before it came out in theatres. Honestly, if you don't know what this movie is I'm convinced you live under a rock. Directed by Bradley Cooper, and starring himself and Lady Gaga, this movie is set to sweep the award shows, big time. To have the opportunity to see such an amazing movie before it is officially released, for FREE, was an incredible opportunity. I am still freaking out about how good that movie was. I cannot wait to see it again. My friends and I routinely jam to the soundtrack. If you haven't seen it, go see it now.

A Star is Born
Look they even gave me a free poster! It is most definitely hanging on the wall of dorm.

All in all, the HOP is great. I can't wait for even more opportunities to see more great films.

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