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Jack and smore

What's the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon at Dartmouth?

~besides getting all your work done in the library~

...going on a hike!

After a fun and eventful homecoming weekend my friend Talia and I decided to go on a hike with Cabin and Trail, a sub club of the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC). We chose the s'mores sunsike up Wright Mountain. Wright is 30 minutes north of Hanover in a small town called Bradford, Vermont. Though we missed the actual sunset since we got started a little late, it still ended up being a ton of fun. Why?

Wright Trailhead
Because of this!! The trailhead at Wright, covered in snow!!

SNOW! Like real, actual snow. Snow that got thicker as we got closer to the summit view. I definitely wasn't prepared for this and was wearing the wrong shoes so my feet got really cold and wet really quickly. Yikes.

(Disclaimer: I know that this winter is going to be rough. Yes I'm scared. Please don't make fun of me I'm just trying to survive the weather here.)

Once we got the top it was pitch dark. All we could see were tiny lights of residences along the mountains ahead of us. It was really beautiful.

These are my trippees from First Year Trips! This is the picture we took at the top of the mountain.

Then it was time for the best part. S'mores!

Once we got the fire started and broke out the goods, we started roasting.

Here Jack (my trippee) and I are roasting some real good marshmallows.

Here's the s'moreo I made! Get it? S'm-oreo? 10/10 recommend. See the above header photo to see Jack with his MEGA s'moreo which includes not only the oreo, marshmallow, and chocolate, but also peanut butter and nutella.

Though we didn't get to see the sunset we planned to see, all in all it was a fabulous, chill, and relaxing hike. It was a great time to wind down, enjoy the beauty of the Upper Valley (and of the s'mores, lol), and relax. 10/10. Highly recommend.

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