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Every so often a class comes around that totally rocks your world. These are classes help you determine your major, your career path, or just how you think about the world.

One of my senior friends convinced me to take Computer Science 52: Full Stack Web Development. I mean, she sold this class hard. Nothing about it seemed particularly interesting to me right off the bat, but with her incessant pleading and the nature of the online term coming up, I figured a class in how to build websites might make sense.

This class, CS52, got me through this term. With all the chaos and uncertainty surrounding everything going on, the projects for this class made me stay sane. Work for this class was fun and even stress relieving (weird, yes, I am aware). And the professor was absolutely incredible.

buzzfeed quiz
Here's a screenshot of my BuzzFeed-style quiz!

We did 5 major labs throughout the term, with a scattering of short assignments in between. The major labs included designing a landing page for a website, building a BuzzFeed-style quiz, a collaborative note taking application, and a blog (which was split into two labs since we built both full client and server-side applications). In addition, we were split into groups and created workshops for the rest of the class surrounding new and emerging web dev topics. And finally, the culmination of the class was our final project.

We got to pitch final project ideas to the class. My friend and I pitched an idea about workout playlists. We wanted to make an app that would take both one's music preferences, and workout specs, and make the perfect playlist for your workout. After the whole class ranked their preferences and work styles, my partner and I were paired on a team with three other people. It was our job to bring this app to life.

app screenshot
Here's the main page of my app!

As I've jokingly told all my friends, this app is my child. She was so fun to build, and I've put so much time and energy into making sure she's the best she can be. We'll be presenting our work at Technigala! What was super cool is that even though we've been learning how to develop websites, our skills were super easy to transfer over to development of phone apps. It was a great experience working as a team, and it was amazing to see a full-scale application develop in front of our eyes.

All in all, this class has changed how I view computer science, and what route I want to take within the field. I have discovered a real joy and passion for web dev, something which I never would have guessed in a million years.

Lessons? Takeaways? Take the classes your elders tell you to. They're usually right.

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