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My week in a nutshell:

  • I managed to make two trips to campus so I could bring up a TV and a minifridge. North Mass rooms are pretty big, so that meant a lot of stuff to haul up three flights of stairs. But at least we get a sweet view of our amazing admissions office and a short walk to Foco.
  • I yelled catchy slogans at freshmen in Leverone and convinced them to join Dartmouth's premier squad of plastic rock-huggers. The freshman activity fair got moved inside this year, which turned out to be awesome because the climbing team had enough people to effectively block the entire aisle and systematically round up the '22s towards our booth. We got over 200 signups, almost a fifth of the freshman class, and I think more than we could fit volumetrically in the bouldering gym if we stacked everyone on top of each other. 
  • First day of classes! I think I forgot how to do calculus somehow, but that's not too important for a differential equations course, right? Right. Super excited for macro anyway, and intro to engineering is looking like it's going to be a lot of fun.
  • Club hockey tryouts! I met a bunch of awesome new '22s, and the team is looking like it's going to be even better this year. Super pumped to be back with the boys at Thompson.
  • I woke up at 7am for an engineering T&T session (joy), and in spite of the sleep deprivation (admittedly, probably my fault), it was actually pretty awesome. It was an intro to Solidworks, which is a CAD software, and this first session was basically just meant to be a tutorial. Yet by the end, most of us had finished modeling a part that we'll eventually have to 3D print as part of a homework assignment; you learn new things pretty quickly at Dartmouth, especially with 10-week terms. 
  • I rolled into the climbing gym a bit early for the first practice of the term to welcome a stampede of newcomers on the patio (yeah - the gym literally was too small, so we had to regroup on the patio first). Awesome new '22s and even some awesome non-'22s! While I may be slighlty concerned about our ability to abide by fire code, it gives me a little faith that maybe by writing about the climbing team may have actually made a difference.
  • Rumney trip! Using this wonderful sophomore privilege called driving, a few friends and I packed up on our own and made the hour journey to the East's premier outdoor sport climbing destination. There were two beginner trips going out the same day (and two more the next day), so we stopped by a couple crags and said hello before journeying off to the far-away Hinterlands, where a friend of mine flashed the 10A death trap known as Jolt. Super sick climbing, but also very exhausting, and lots of sleeping proceeded afterwards.
  • Right now it is Sunday night and I am finishing up my homework and finally getting around to reflecting upon my weekly activities in the form of an admissions blog post. Hopefully it's informative, and maybe indicative of a typically week here at Dartmouth – a little crazy, sometimes tiring, but certainly a whole lot of fun.

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