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It's hard to believe that my summer has nearly reached its halfway point; considering that it very well may be my last off term for another six, I can say for sure that I'm savoring the relaxation. Yet, at the same time, I'm truly excited to get back on campus in the fall. I know for most of you reading this, your sophomore year of college seems so far away, but I can say from experience that it will creep up on you before you know it.

I'll be kicking off my sophomore year with a few tougher classes, amongst them ENGS 21, otherwise known as that fancy intro to engineering class where you create and produce an invention of your own design. After consulting some older friends of mine, I'm actually incredibly eager to start working. From stories of products to patents, I swear that this single class alone is what spurs half of the cool designs that leave Dartmouth's doors, and I can't wait to contribute to the list. But it won't be easy; with a differential equations course and macroeconomics also on my plate, and with the prospects of rushing sophomore fall, 18F is bound to be a busy one.

But the fall is just the beginning. After spending winter term on campus, I'll be flying off to Toulouse for the French LSA+ in the spring, which if you ask me sounds more like a vacation. I'll be staying with a host family and taking French classes as part of a language study, all of which will be part of my first voyage outside of North America. With a study abroad built into tuition (and financial aid), it was as easy as applying, and in fact I think I even turned in my application late. It's obvious that Dartmouth is incredibly committed to making foreign study accessible, and I plan to make use of that while I can.

After a couple months in France, I'll jump right back into classes on campus for my sophomore summer, and as of right now, I plan to be taking classes that fall and winter as well. But the wonderful part about the D-Plan is it's flexible; it's easy to change if I find an internship or want to come home for a term. 

So, it seems as if I'm on the tail end of what easily could be my last term off until junior year. But I'm not too concerned; with a couple weeks off between most terms, the whole span from thanksgiving to new years between fall and winter, and a de-facto French vacation, I think I'll fare just fine.