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One of the pros of returning home...

Summer? Oh, yeah, it's been great. I spent all year making incredible new friends, trying awesome new activities, just to be torn away from it all by the inevitable end of spring term.

In other words, even though I'm back in Connecticut with my family, it almost feels more like I'm away from home than anything. It's only now that I realize how much just a year in Hanover has upended my world and changed my life altogether. In all honesty, in spite of the homework, exams, and occassional lack of sleep, I really can't wait to return to campus in the fall. 

After saying goodbye to friends, packing up my room into boxes, and facing the reality that a quarter of my college career was behind me, I walked out of Judge Hall for the last time feeling a litte bit uneasy. On the bright side, I had still had enough dining money left over to buy my family four jugs of Dartmouth-brand maple syrup, and a friend of mine had had enough spare funds to snag me a pack of donuts for the ride. Though regardless of all of the extra food, my last look at campus for the year made me really realize how much I'd miss Hanover for the summer. We drove past the Green and down the hill until Baker Tower disappeared behind the treetops, and the river gleamed in the afternoon sun.

It took a while for me to re-adjust to my hometown once I had arrived. I had been so used to spending all my free time at the climbing gym, heading to Rumney on the weekends, and above all, having a place to buy chicken tenders at two in the morning. Now, instead of just walking across the Maxwell lawn, I had to drive over an hour to meet my friend to get a bouldering workout. I could no longer just walk five minutes to get midnight pancakes on-demand, to meet all of my friends for lunch, or to have access to one of the world's greatest libraries. Everything I had gotten so used to was swiped out from under me, and I just wanted to have it all back.

Dartmouth is truly a profound place, and I can say that at least personally, it didn't take long for it to feel like home. The fall can't come soon enough, and it's hard to believe that there will already a whole new class of '22s to meet. But to all those potential '23s out there, from the people to the places, I promise you that if you're looking for somewhere that will feel like home, then Dartmouth won't disappoint. Hopefully I'll see you visiting campus in the fall!