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Seafood stop after the beach

It’s no question that sophomore summer is largely about having fun, being outside, hanging out with friends, and a reduced amount of coursework; and so how could it get much better? The best quasi-sarcastic answer I can offer provide pertains to something less laid-back in nature: campus recruiting.

Yes, interspersed throughout those never-ending nights of acoustic riffs around the campfire are an abundance of corporate information sessions, from investment banking and consulting firms to tech and the state department. While that may sound stressful—and the application process certainly can be—summer recruiting is a tremendous opportunity for Dartmouth students to find internships, especially for junior year off-terms. Companies from a variety of different fields take part in the program sponsored by the Center for Professional Development—which also offers cover letter and resume assistance —as a part of which students can apply on their website through an expedited application process. The best component of it all is that the employers then come to campus for interviews, and so it’s easy to apply to a whole lot of different opportunities without having to worry about traveling. 

While I always knew that Dartmouth students often landed a good deal of very competitive internships, I never could have expected that is was a consequence of investment banks coming to campus and naming Dartmouth one of their few core recruiting sites. The opportunities are tremendous, and for most firms, it was as easy as just a resume and a cover letter drop. Plus, the alumni connections make the process even more intimate.

Though the deadline for all applications is one common date—which certainly is tough to meet given the sheer number of opportunities—the process repeats in the fall with a different set of firms. Personally, after spending a week writing cover letters, I was due for a bit of a rest, and I had plenty of friends in the same lot. In the end, it ended up being a great excuse for a beach day, and so in spite of a bit of resulting sunburn, all the hard work gave us the perfect chance for a fun reprieve.

With invites coming out soon and interviews in just a few weeks, hopefully time will bring a little bit of luck. 

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