Sunset Snowshoeing
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Gile with friends!
Fall colors in front of the physics building

Fall in Hanover is spectacular; from brightly-colored trees to cool autumn afternoons, New England's most quintessential beauty is on full-display. Truly, it's a wonderful time to be on campus. With new '23s to meet, a stories-high homecoming bonfire, and even rush for Greek houses, the season is full of new faces and scores of age-old traditions (aside from its scenic natural components). Of course, that means I've been trying my best to live it to the fullest, and that so far has entailed plenty of spontaneous nature photography sessions, hiking up to fire towers with friends to watch the sunset, and sometimes even just getting lost in the red and orange hues that have transformed campus and the surrounding countryside. Altogether, it's a term that would have been tough for me to miss.

With that considered, whereas the sentiments over autumn's delights are almost certainly universal, many of my friends actually opted to be off this term. With the D-Plan, students can choose what terms they want to take off during their second and third years, and being as what we call sophomore summer is (pretty much) required, sophomores and juniors have to pick which other term they want to spend outside of the classroom. Plus, with plenty of other off-campus programs (i.e. LSAs, FSPs), managing relationships with friends and significant others can sometimes admittedly be challenging. In my case, I lived with five of my closest friends off-campus over the summer, and now, I'm the only one still in Hanover. With three people on an off-term and two more on the earth science FSP called The Stretch, I can say pretty concretely that my social circles have shifted quite a bit since the summer. While I won't pretend that this isn't pretty difficult, because it most certainly is, it has also brought about some incredible opportunities for me and has encouraged me to get more involved in different places around campus.

Much of that friend group revolved around outdoor activities (specifically rock climbing) as my housemates included a Mountaineering Club chair and a captain of the Climbing Team. This term, I've been less involved in those circles, most of it due to timing, but also because a change in the faces. Instead, I've gotten to be become very involved in my Greek house, being elected rush chair and to sit on an important internal affairs committee, and I've also become managing editor of a newspaper. Plus, I've become even closer with other groups of friends, and it's especially led me to bond especially well with the new class in my fraternity. All and all, while it's definitely not great to be away from some incredible people, I think it's led me to meet some awesome, entirely new personalities, and that I've really enjoyed.

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