Sunset Snowshoeing
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Team celly
Icy sunset on Dartmouth Hall

In February’s midst, a week of warm winds took Hanover by surprise, offering an early taste of spring by day and a return of winter’s grasp by nightfall. Ironically, the season’s sole reprieve from the cold came the one weekend that Dartmouth celebrates it the most: Winter Carnival, the college’s renowned celebration of snow and ice! And of ice there was aplenty; the temperature shifts made the snow-sculpting tough, but the snowmelt was quick to refreeze. The sidewalks may have been a bit slick, but the conditions offered a perfect chance to make optimal use of slippery surfaces, and students certainly didn’t hesitate.

Of course, ice is good for more than just skating. For instance, Collis always hosts an ice-sculpting contest that’s open to clubs across campus, and they’re all put up on display for the entirety of the weekend. Plus, a frozen Occom Pond makes the polar plunge possible – which I personally had enough of last year after doing it in single-digit temperatures – but everyone got lucky this time around with the slightly warmer weather. Still, it’s hard to ignore the temptation to throw on a pair of ice skates, especially under such special circumstances. To make it even better, to start off the week, many of the Housing Communities offered free skate rentals on the pond! Skates are always available at the DOC clubhouse on Occom’s edge for a small fee, but just to help everybody enjoy the outdoors, they made this weekend particularly accessible. 

In my own case, the ice outdoors was certainly exciting, but the indoor ice was equally captivating. I spent much of my free time this week at Dartmouth’s Thompson Arena, our illustrious hockey rink, for both club and intermural games! The club hockey team hosted Suffolk University, sporting an awesome new jersey design for senior night and making some unforgettable memories. Plus, my fraternity played an exciting intermural hockey game against the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra – yes, some teams are Greek houses, some are clubs, and others are just groups of friends – and it’s always fun to see people of all different abilities come together and compete. 

Altogether, Dartmouth is distinct in that we truly know how to make the best of slippery conditions. Considering have a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating winter, it truly makes the cold weather not so intimidating. Come join us in the snow!

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