Sunset Snowshoeing
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Today was the first day in weeks that it's snowed in Hanover, and it's been an adventure to say the least.

It's always summer in Hanover!

I'm currently writing this post after surviving the treacherous ride back from Boston amidst a snowstorm, which I promise is twice as intense when the Super Bowl starts in 30 minutes and you still have 45 minutes of driving to do. While the ride was an interesting experience, Boston was a lot of fun; we had two club hockey games in/around the city this weekend, so I stayed overnight at a teammate's house on the Cape and spent a lot of time bonding with the boys. While we lost both games, I was able to put one home against Harvard before the final buzzer sounded, so I guess it isn't all negative. The food was also a plus; I had raw oysters and littlenecks for breakfast and maybe the best Roast Beef sandwich on Earth for lunch, so at least the trip was at least a tasty one.

All the way down the line!

Anyways, after getting back, campus was still being bombarded by snowflakes, and with surprisingly warm temperatures, it was a beautiful time to take a walk outside. So I graciously spent all of the commercial breaks in the first two quarters of the game grabbing free pizza from different houses on Frat Row, which was a quick way to save a meal swipe. But I eventually settled back down in my dorm, ordered 40 wings from Dominoes with some friends, and watched the Patriots fall valiantly to the usurping Philadelphians. As a New-Englander by birth and by heart, the final minutes were tough to watch, but it was certainly a thrilling game and a great way to spend time with friends.

The (now extinct) Judge snowman(-ish)

The event had concluded and the snow had concurrently finished falling, and so some of my dorm-mates figured that it'd be the perfect time to go frolic in the wintery wonderland outside their windows. And so they proceeded to make an oddly-shaped snow-totem that was broken down shortly later by a frustrated passerby (most likely angered by the recent football outcome). They were lucky to snag some pictures before their icy friend passed on to the next life, but all those who witnessed it would contend that it was most certainly a feat of science and engineering just to get that thing to stand. While I had to stay inside to complete some homework myself, I figured I could spend at least a moment enjoying the recently accumulated ground-cover, and what better way to do that than in shorts and flip-flops? I promise you that I received no frostbite in the making of this GIF, and that goes to prove that Hanover winters are in fact doable, even in summer clothing. Altogether, this weekend was a boatload of fun, and with another 8" of snow coming later this week, Winter Carnival next weekend is sure to be a blast!