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The end of the college application process came with great relief. I was so tired of it all by the end, I swore that I wouldn’t even think about anything college-related until decisions came out. But April rolled around quickly, and suddenly I had multiple offers on my plate and a lot of research to be done. I know firsthand that the decision-making period can be super stressful, but even through all the tough choices and mixed emotions, I couldn’t be happier with where I’ve ended up. I felt something special about Dartmouth, a sentiment that I want to share with prospective students because this truly is a profound place, and I want others to see that as well.

I think that a big part of why I chose Dartmouth had to do with Dimensions. I’ll leave it for you all to see for yourselves, but there’s something about being here and interacting with students that I didn’t get elsewhere. The people here are never afraid to be themselves; they’re never hesitant to let loose and have fun, and that was something that became even more apparent during the intensive dancing of first-year trips. Unlike many other places, it felt legitimate, and it quickly began to feel like home. With that said, even if you can’t make Dimensions, I would strongly recommend coming to campus and feeling it for yourself. And if that still isn’t an option, feel free to ask us questions, and definitely tune into videos released by the admissions department to see what real students are like.

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Another major factor in my decision was the academic freedom that Dartmouth offers. At some of the other schools I was considering, they offered a countless number of different paths to take, but the fact that you had to follow a “path” at all still seemed restrictive. As somebody who’s currently planning to double major through three different departments, maybe get a minor, and study abroad as often as possible, it was very important to me that I got to blaze my own trail and not just follow one set by somebody else. Dartmouth lets their students do just that; not only can you create your own major, but you can study abroad as many times as you want and get as many degrees from as many departments as you want. On top of this all, the D-Plan, the feature of the quarter system that allows students to pick their off-terms, makes it incredibly easy to work internships, travel, and job experience into your time at Dartmouth. Plus, the very presence of the quarter system itself means more specialized classes, giving students the freedom to truly tailor their journey to suit their interests.

Of course, I can’t work all of the reasons I chose Dartmouth into one little blog post, but if you’d like to know more, feel free to ask us questions! Hopefully I’ll see you at Dimensions!