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horizontal view of the connecticut river with a man paddling a canoe on the right

I can't believe we're already halfway through fall term, and as the fall leaves begin to change colours, I'm starting to get a little nostalgic for the sunny weather from this summer. While I was at home for my sophomore summer, I had the opportunity to spend my junior summer (last term!) on campus with my friends and taking classes! Here are some of the items that I checked off my summer term bucket list:

  1. Spending quality time with friends

It's been a while since I've been on campus, and I was lucky to be able to connect with old friends and make new friends this summer. From going to Five Guys (which is a short 10-minute drive away) to working together in the library, being back made me realize how much I missed hanging out with friends and being in Hanover.

group of friends posing in front of fraternity
My fraternity taking our termly house photo!

  1. Leading a sophomore trip (also known as a Strip)

Sophomore Trips, or Strips, is very similar to First-Year Trips but specifically for students on campus for sophomore summer. I also led a Strip this summer where we went to the Dartmouth Organic Farm (or O-Farm, for short). Over the span of two days, we did a ton of weeding and harvested 120 lbs of lettuce! Perhaps the highlight of the day was when our entire Strip decided to take an hour long afternoon nap break.

two people posing in a hoop house with carrots
My Strips co-leader, Madi, and I just dug up from carrots!

  1. Zorbing on the Green

There's nothing better to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon than test out some Zorbs! My friend Lucas and I spent the afternoon inflating the Zorbs and giving them a test run on the Green before they would be used for a field day later in the term. Spinning around in an inflatable ball: check!

person posing in front of large inflatable exercise ball
Lucas taking a short break from pushing me around in the Zorb.

  1. Canoeing along the Connecticut River

Last but not least on my bucket list is going down to the docks and spending some time on the water. At the Ledyard docks, there are canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards that students can use for free! It was so relaxing to go canoeing on the Connecticut River with my friends just enjoying the serenity of the woods and relaxing under the shade of the trees.  

Each season at Dartmouth is so different from each other and comes with its own unique activities and pastimes. I can't wait to see what my final few terms at Dartmouth have to offer!

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