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!!! Attention here 22s !!! Dartmouth will take you anywhere in the world !!!

I've always wanted to go to Japan because I love Japanese literature, but I've never had a chance to go because Japan is pretty expensive. However, I'm going to fly to Tokyo this summer and spend ten weeks studying there! How did that happen? Dartmouth! (and the Frank Guarini Institute!)

I've been taking first-year level Japanese since the fall, so I'm going to Tokyo on a Language Study Abroad Plus (LSA+) program. Basically, after more than two months there, I can finish the second-year level Japanese (meaning, when I come back to Dartmouth, I can take third-year level class - how efficient is that!) I'm going to take three classes as usual, with two language classes taught by local Japanese professors and one special topic class taught by Professor Dorsey - our program's faculty (he's awesome!). 

But studying is not all we're going to do: I'm going to stay with a Japanese host family -- I just filled out my application a few days ago -- to really immerse myself in Japanese language and culture. Moreover, we're going to go on trips outside Tokyo frequently (I heard that in previous programs they went to the ancient captials Nara and Kyoto). My Japanese professor said that we are also going to her hometown, Hokkaido, and we'll have regular networking opportunities with Dartmouth alumni in Japan.

The most important reason that I can go on this trip is that my financial aid is going to follow me to Japan (and any other study abroad programs I go on). I will pay the same amount of money that I do in any other term, and still get the same three course credits. Also, I know some people may hesitate to go on study abroad programs because they want to do double majors, but as long as you plan your courses carefully, you can still do a double major and even a minor while going on one - or maybe two - study abroad programs. I know someone who is majoring in Government and Economics and minoring in French, and she went on a language study abroad program in France and an exchange program in England!

I think studying abroad is a big part of the culture here at Dartmouth. We have a lot of resources in our seven libraries in Hanover, but Dartmouth knows that the world is going to be our biggest resource, so they really try to make study abroad opportunities available for students. I'm really looking forward to going to Tokyo and studying and engaging in a new culture this summer! I hope that around this time next year, many of you 22s will be as excited about all "the places you'll go" as I am now!

(P/S: my Japanese professor was in the Welcome to Dartmouth 22s video! If you're interested in taking Japanese, she's awesome!)