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Don't freak out - I'm still writing in English (my Japanese is not that good yet!). So spring term is coming to an end, and yes, it's time for final projects. In high school, final projects may make you lose trust in humanity and become anti-social (I feel you), but I'm especially excited for my Japanese final project. Why? Because (1) all of my classmates are awesome, (2) my professor is extra-awesome, and (3) our final project is an incredible opportunity for us to reflect on how much Japanese we've learned in the past year!

So our final project is to make a 10 to 15 minute long movie in Japanese. It's amazing how this felt very scary at the beginning of this term, but now I can easily write a 11-page move script in Japanese with barely any help from Google Translate or any kind of dictionary. Our group's movie is called バナナ太郎, or Banana-Taro, which is a parody version of the classic Japanese folklore 桃太郎 (Momotaro) that we learned in week 5 (Momo in Japanese is peach, and we make it Banana in our movie to make it funny). The original story is about a magical boy who was born from a peach and fought with the demons to save the villagers. However, in our version, we make it very Dartmouth-y: Banana-Taro was born from a weirdly big banana and grows up going to Dartmouth. He takes Japanese class with a student called 鬼さん - Oni-san, or literally, Demon, who struggles in Japanese and decides to do something bad to get good grades. Banana-Taro then defeats Oni-san in a very Dartmouth game and makes Oni-san promise not to do bad things anymore. I mean yes, it's a simple plot, but the fact that I could make that simple plot completely in Japanese is just ... incredible.

I'm having a lot of fun making the movie with my group. It's a parody - so we just laugh so much during filming that we have to almost every scene over and over. I'm so looking forward to our behind the scene video - it will be gold! Anyways, here are two random photos of me and my classmates during filming on Monday. Cheers!