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people in front of shrine
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person in ramen restaurant
person in ramen restaurant
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people in busy street

Yessss! I'm finally in Tokyo!! I just moved into my host family's this afternoon, but in the first two days,  the whole squad and I stayed at a really nice hotel and visited most of the tourist-y places around Tokyo.

The first day, we went to Asakusa, which is, according to Dorsey Sensei, the beginning of Tokyo. The streets were filled up with foreigners, Japanese girls in their yukata, and small, cute traditional shops. I bought a matcha ice cream burger there, and it was amazing! Dorsey Sensei also bought each of us a fortune and manju (red-bean bread).

After, we headed to Ueno, a very famous area to all of us because it popped up in our dialogues a lot during Japanese 2 and 3. After listening to a brief introduction of the history of the Ueno station from Dorsey sensei, we went to the nearby Ame Yokocho (which literally means the Sweet Alley) to have lunch and do some shopping. Daniel, Revant, Victor, and I had ramen at a typical Japanese ramen restaurant, where the shop is very small and we had to buy tickets for what we wanted to eat outside before stepping inside. The ramen I had was around $9, and it was really big and really good. After lunch, we did some window shopping, and I bought a cute coin pocket (yes, unlike in the US, I can actually use coins to buy usable things here in Japan).

The last place we went to on Thursday was Akihabara, which is famous for video games/anime/manga fans. Susie, Kenny, Revant, and I went to Sega (game center) and tried out a lot of fun games. The one we all enjoyed the most was the dancing game, and Kenny is a really good dancer so he completely nailed it! Other people in our squad went to a maid cafe, and somehow ended up being trapped in it by the maids for 30 minutes. Apparently, they, too, had their share of unique Akihabara experience. After that, we went back to our hotel and had dinner at an izakaya nearby with Dorsey Sensei and his wife Yukari, and we got to try a lot of super good Japanese food. The night wrapped up as we all dragged ourselves back to the hotel, and legs all dead (I walked more than 20,000 steps that day!) but felt really happy about our first day in Japan!