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A very dramatic pose of me and my friend near on the ice throne

Okay. That's an exaggeration. It's not as grandiose as Elsa's castle, and you cannot wear Elsa's dress there without freezing, but it's actually a castle made of ice (perks of living in New Hampshire)!!! I went there last Friday, and it was an interesting experience. It took us about one hour and a half to get to the ice castle. It was about -15 degree outside, and on top of that we were surrounded by ice so it was extra cold, but everyone was very excited.  

Despite the cold, my friend and I were so excited to visit the castle.

icy wall
The castle wall was not as elaborated as Elsa's, but it was still so stunning and powerful that it wowed all of us.

More icy wall!

My friends and I took photos near the icy fountain (we covered the fountain, oops!)

We explored the castle for one hour, and then got hot chocolate and warmed up in the souvenir shop. Though I couldn't feel my toes that entire night, it was a fun trip, as I'd never visited an ice castle before. Definitely try this out when you come to Dartmouth!