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Me and my friends at Tuck

At Dartmouth, students can get access to resources from all of our graduate schools. Since the winter term, I have been involved with many programs at the Tuck School of Business, such as TuckLab, Tuck Incubators, and Tuck professors’ research projects. In particular, I really enjoy working as an RA for Professor Eckbo and Professor Thornburn on a Corporate Takeover Research project.

The project collects data from thousands of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) to examine the relationship between the form (negotiation or auction) and the outcome of a takeover. My job is to read the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) filings and take down relevant information of each M&A. From reading the filings about the transaction, I have learned a lot about the overall process of an M&A, from the initiation step to the day the companies sign the merger agreement. The knowledge I gained from this research has been a big help for me in gaining insight into investment banking and preparing for my internship next summer.

Moreover, working as a research assistant for the Corporate Takeover Research project also helps me earn some extra money at Dartmouth. Currently, I get paid hourly working as a part-time RA for the project. However, I’m applying for the Presidential Scholars Grant to work on this project in my junior year. If accepted, I will receive $1,000 a term for two terms to continue working on this project!

A lot of my friends are also doing research at Dartmouth, either as a part-time RA or a grant-recipient from one of the Undergraduate Advising & Research programs. In my opinion, doing research at Dartmouth is an amazing way to apply my knowledge from class, explore career options, and earn some pocket money for the term!

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