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The Dartmouth's News team at our Formal Changeover last night!

The Dartmouth - America's oldest college newspaper - is one of the major reasons that urged me to apply to Dartmouth ED! I have always been into writing - I ran a blog and worked as an intern for an English investment newspaper back in high school. However, writing in Vietnam is very different from writing in the States. Here, even in a small college newspaper, I have more freedom to address concerning issues. Also, I can witness first-hand how I can help bring about changes on campus with my articles. In the last five months, writing for The Dartmouth has become an integral part of my college experience.

Last term, I wrote an article about Puerto Rican students' reactions to Hurricane Maria. I got to talk to Puerto Rican students on campus, and I was truly moved by their stories. They told me about their worries when they were far away from their families and not knowing whether or not their families were safe. They also talked about how their friends at Dartmouth, their professors, and their housing communities had reached out to them and offered help. I really enjoyed writing about their stories, as I felt like I was helping them raise their voices and share their stories. Another interesting experience I had while working on that article was that the night before we published it, my editors contacted the deans to confirm the information; and the next day, the deans started sending out encouraging emails to Puerto Rican students. I felt really proud that somehow, through my writing, I had made a small difference at Dartmouth.

I'm planning to commit all four years at Dartmouth to writing for The D. Though the work is time-consuming and demanding, as it may take 10 hours a week to work on an article, I still enjoy it very much. '22s, remember to check out The D next year!