trees with red and green leaves
This picture screams your mood in winter – aesthetic much?
And then everything’s covered in snow
And you think this weather is depressing but then you zoom in and see there are tiny reds of happiness
And it’s so stunning that you can (low-key) accept the painful cold and take off your gloves to take the photo!

Winter wonderland

While my definition of winter back home is when the temperature gets below 18 degree Celsius, winter at Dartmouth looks wayyyyy different. And except the (somewhat) awful cold and the black ice, I really enjoy the frosty beauty around campus.

Autumn standing in front of fall tree
blurry photo of girl walking outside
fall tree
fall on campus
fall tree
fall on campus at night
Rauner and the green on a fall day

Autumn's autumn at Dartmouth

It was around this time last year that I saw the fall's photo of a current student on the Admission's blog that urged me to apply for Dartmouth Early Decision, so I figured that I should write a similar autumn-inspired post to encourage prospies t

How to survive midterms at an Ivy

The 10-week term passes by really, really fast and midterm week has arrived before I even knew it! 2 tests and 1 paper all in one week (can you imagine that??) but (very unexpectedly) I survived!