trees with red and green leaves
people in front of shrine
people in front of gate
person in ramen restaurant
person in ramen restaurant
person in busy streets
people in busy street

First day in TOKYO!!!

Yessss! I'm finally in Tokyo!! I just moved into my host family's this afternoon, but in the first two days,  the whole squad and I stayed at a really nice hotel and visited most of the tourist-y places around Tokyo.

Paperwork is Easy!!!

Okay. That's an exaggeration (at least for me). Paperwork may not be easy, but it's doable at Dartmouth because there are a lot of resources to help you complete all those forms with all those super ambiguous professional phrases.

welcome 22
baker tower
the green
people under the sun

The sun is back in Hanover!!!

Finally spring is back in Hanover! This morning, I felt extra motivated to leave for my drill class at 7:45 am because (1) it was sooooo sunny outside and I could wear T-shirt and shorts without freezing and (2) it's second dimensions!!

"Constructive feedback" - it's not that scary!

I'm a shy person, so I used to have a very hard time receiving feedback in front of many people -- like my face would turn completely red because of embarrassment, and I would have to fake an awkward smile to the person sitting next to me to prete