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Hello Everyone! My name is Anna Reed, and I’m one of the Senior Fellows in the Admissions Office. I know, a senior, I don’t want to think about graduation yet!!

I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but right after I graduated my parents moved to Tampa, Florida. I was first introduced to Dartmouth in the Fall of my Junior year and proceeded to visit not one, not two, but THREE times before applying Early Decision -- mostly because I felt at home at Dartmouth and *spoiler alert* I still do. Here on campus, I study Anthropology and Spanish, and I’m considering picking up a Studio Art Minor (But we’ll see if that works out or not!). Apart from my work in the Admissions Office, I’m involved in Native Americans at Dartmouth, The Center for Social Impact, and my own independent research.

You might notice in my future blog posts that I am all about aesthetics; I LOVE a good Instagram, and my absolute favorite pastime is looking at interior décor. You can find me in your local West Elm or Target on the weekends (my favorite things to buy are mugs, especially floral-patterned ones). I also quite enjoy painting in water color. Perhaps a bit irrelevant, but one quintessential aspect of my ~look~ is striped shirts. All of my friends and family make fun of me for having a wardrobe that consists of about 70% stripes, but they’re so versatile!

Anyway, on a more serious note, my research and life pursuits more broadly are on Educational Equity. This fall I will be in Peru writing an ethnography on Indigenous education in Cusco.

I would have not been exposed to Dartmouth if it were not because of their Native American outreach initiatives. I got involved in the Admissions Office after my freshman year to hope to give back to my community. Directly after joining the Admissions Office, I went on a Study Abroad to Peru, where I saw similar issues in their educational system to the ones I experienced, which inspired my thesis topic. I’ve spent about two years now researching on educational equity issues, both in the US and Peru.

Well, that’s about it for me! I’m excited to get the chance to write these blog posts over the next year or so before my time at Dartmouth comes to a close.