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I like to be open about my experiences as a QuestBridge alum and first-generation, low-income student at Dartmouth, so I can help prospective students make informed decisions about their potential new home. Times have been more tough than usual for everyone, not just FGLI folks like me, which is why I thought I'd shout out the different ways Dartmouth has aided me - specifically, in the financial sense. Yes, thanks to the Financial Aid office I am able to afford the day-to-day costs of being a Dartmouth student (and I was able to get this aid even though I didn't get matched - maybe I'll save this for a later blog post!). But what if you want to bring amazing Asian American and Pacific Islander voices to campus, or receive funding for your thesis research, or give your residents the eggnog-y study night of their dreams? I'm very happy to say that if you find the right centers for funding, all of this and more is possible, and I'll show you a few good places to look.

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