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Baker-Berry Tower at sunset
Dartmouth Hall at sunset
snowy landscape
person in sunny woods
person in a cornfield
Dartmouth Hall

One of the things that stands out most clearly about Dartmouth is how pretty it is—the first time I drove up with my parents, I noted how the sky seemed to be bluer than it was back in New Jersey, and how the air seemed crisper and more fresh.

The drive up I-95 certainly prepares you for this—leading to incredible views of towering mountains and, if you time your trip right, breathtaking foliage—but while at Dartmouth, I've found that what I've become to appreciate the most are the smaller moments of beauty in the every day. I love to wander around campus. After a year of attending this school, I'd like to think that I know the campus pretty well, but there never fails to be something new to discover. My wanderings have taken me everywhere from Dartmouth Hall at sunset to the Pine Park at midnight, and each time, the mundane, every day sights present themselves in new ways.

Dartmouth Hall looks majestic and even grander than usual as the sky fills with watercolor blues and pinks around 4 pm in the winter when the sun begins to set—step back, and you'll find the same with Baker Tower, whose tower reaches up into the cotton candy clouds. Occom Pond provides such a sense of peace in the morning—in the winter, everything stands still when you look out to the expanse of ice and light snow; in the spring, rippling waters reflect the bright sunlight and draw out a million different shades of blue. At midday in the spring, the woods behind my dorm are bustling with crunchy leaves and baby plants. Even a few steps in, the trees seem to hug you in and draw you into a completely different world. The woods contain secrets of their own, and it's always exciting to discover new ones, such as a shorter path from the North Park Apartments to the house without markers on top of a hill. This campus is truly beautiful and has so much to offer, even beyond the academics and events that fill your mailbox every day. If you ever get the chance, make sure to do some exploring of your own—you never know what you'll find.