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Coming to Dartmouth from a relatively lively and central town in New Jersey, I remember being terrified that I'd feel closed off or isolated at a school that prides itself in sayings like "Welcome to the Woods!" and the accessibility of the natural beauty associated with being located in rural New England. Yet from the start, I realized that with the liveliness of campus and the absurd amount of activities, performances, and things to do on campus every day, feeling disconnected from the 'real world' hasn't been a concern that has even crossed my mind. 

This past week alone, I've had dinner with Yo-Yo Ma at President Hanlon's house, attended his performance with the Silk Road Ensemble at the Hopkins Center, and went on a Dartmouth-funded trip to a Celtics game against the Hawks at TD Garden in Boston through the East Wheelock house community. On a more academic note, I coded a Buzzfeed-esque quiz for a lab in my COSC 52 Full-Stack Web Development course, attended the lecture of a visiting prominent Chinese pipa player, and organized a student panel for Tuck Business School students to share their work experiences with undergraduate students.

While I definitely wouldn't consider this week the 'norm', the breadth of opportunities and experiences Dartmouth allows for are endless, no matter what your interests are. As an incoming freshman, I never would've imagined I'd get the chance to be in an Instagram picture with Connie Britton, nor would I have ever thought I would get the chance to see Hilary Hahn perform from the front row. With just a bit of searching and an open mind, Dartmouth opens doors to all sorts of once-in-a-lifetime chances that I'm truly eager to keep exploring and excited to share with all of you!