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Humanities Floor
Hot air balloons with the LLC's
Ice castles in NH

As someone who's always loved arts and literature, I never really thought about what role they'd play in my college life as an Economics and Computer Science major. Regardless, when I applied for Dartmouth housing during my senior year of high school, I checked off the box that put me as interested in living in the Humanities Living Learning Community (LLC). I didn't think much of it—I'd heard great things about the housing and was interested in some of the events they planned, so I thought, why not? 

Having now lived in LLC's for the past two years, I can confirm that this has been one of the best decisions that I've made while at Dartmouth. As someone who loves bonding events and community gatherings, I've loved being able to meet and interact with people who are as interested in art, music, and global developments as I am, through everything from lectures with prominent journalists in Occom Commons to riding hot air balloons on the Green. I've potted succulents, visited Ice Castles, and played Mafia at one in the morning; I've gone to performances and shows, had meaningful conversations with then-strangers, and woken up to floor brunches on Sunday mornings.

I've loved the community I've been able to build through the two LLC's (Humanities and Global Village) I've been part of these past two years—I've made some of my closest friends through these communities, and am always excited to see what programming each term holds. 

Extra incentive for anyone who's interested in living in the LLC's: there's a dog, Charlie, that lives in the LLC Advisor's office during the day, and donuts set out every Friday!