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the green

There are three big indicators that spring has arrived in Hanover, New Hampshire: a campus full of pastels, strawberries at the Hop, and perhaps most obviously, the Green, once covered in seemingly unmeltable snow, now covered in both grass (that seems to have sprung up overnight) and students. Lounging on the Green between classes, during meals, and really just at all times of the day, students flood the center of campus to soak in the sunlight before heading back to their respective libraries, dorms, and classrooms. 

Affectionately called the "beach" when it gets warmer, the Green is full of life during the spring and summer months. There's never a shortage of picnic blankets, frisbee games, or dogs roaming around, and it's always fun to bump into friends, classmates, and even the occasional professor. There's nothing quite like coming out of class and meeting up with friends to relax on a bench with a Collis smoothie or laying on a towel on the Green—there's something about the Green that makes everything feel instantly much more relaxed and doable. I never fail to leave the Green feeling more energized and ready to take on my day, whether that means an exam, a project, or simply another class. 

One of the things my friends and I like to do when we're feeling particularly special is picnic on the Green—though we get meals together all the time, it still feels like a treat to be able to sit down and plan something just a tad more extravagant. We meet up on the Green and walk over to the Co-op, a grocery store around a 15 minute walk away, where we load up on berries, grapes, crackers, and whatever snacks we're in the mood for, before bringing them back to campus to set up our picnic. It's relaxing, fun, and always brings about memorable moments. 

If you ever find yourself bored or just looking for something to do when the sun's out, make sure to stop by the Green! If you don't bump into a friend or two, join in on a frisbee or spikeball game, or spontaneously picnic, just laying out and letting yourself relax in an energizing, lively environment is something everyone could use every once in a while.