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I didn't expect much the first time I touched anything related to computer science — despite my dad being involved in the tech world, I had more or less avoided it until enrolling in COSC001 my freshman fall. So imagine my parents' surprise when I decided to pursue computer science formally as a minor and joined the organizing team for HackDartmouth, Dartmouth's 24-hour spring hackathon. 

As a member of the Finance/Operations team, I've worked with a team to organize and prepare to host the hackathon for the past few months, so it was incredibly cool to see our efforts come to fruition and for the hackathon to finally happen in April. With over 600 applications, unlimited snacks, and 200 sleepless participants from all over the country, the Hackathon began unfolding at 7 AM, when we treked over to the Thayer School of Engineering to set up the rooms and spaces up for the next 24 hours. Representatives from companies like Google, Wayfair, and Microsoft set up tables where they handed out free swag and helped the participants with their projects, and mentors from the Dartmouth CS and QSS Departments came to help out at various periods during the event. 

Hosting such a successful and widespread event was definitely incredibly fulfilling and cool—Dartmouth offers so many avenues for pursuing your interests in different and varied ways. It's exciting to get involved with different activities on campus and see different sides of my interests!