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amy and friends dressed up for Formal

Everyone’s favorite time of year: formal season! It’s always fun to get dressed up and take a break from the busy nature of every term to go off-campus—whether that means a Country Club, Storrs Pond, or simply Occom Pond—and have fun with your friends. 

Though titled ‘formal’ in name, formals at Dartmouth are fairly casual affairs, mainly held for people to come together in fancy outfits, take pictures, and hang out with friends outside of a school setting. From sports team formals to fraternity and sorority formals to club formals, each formal ends up being a fun and exciting time. 

Fraternity and sorority formals tend to happen at the end of each term, and club and sport formals are held once a year. While formals are invite-only, they’re definitely not very exclusive and anyone can be invited, regardless of where they’re affiliated or what clubs they’re in, which makes for a fun, open atmosphere.

One of the highlights of my spring term was going to dance formal with my roommate. Though I definitely wouldn’t go as far to consider myself a dancer by any means, it was still fun to go—and definitely fun to see how actual dancers could light up a dance floor.