PE explained

At Dartmouth, every student is required to get three PE (Physical Education) classes as well as complete a swim test throughout their time here.

the green

Let's go to the beach, beach

There are three big indicators that spring has arrived in Hanover, New Hampshire: a campus full of pastels, strawberries at the Hop, and perhaps most obviously, the Green, once covered in seemingly unmeltable snow, now covered in both grass (that


Hacking in the woods

I didn't expect much the first time I touched anything related to computer science — despite my dad being involved in the tech world, I had more or less avoided it until enrolling in COSC001 my freshman fall.

Eating our way across Hanover: Brunch Edition

Nobody does a lazy Sunday morning better than Hanover, NH—one of my favorite parts of the week is waking up late on Sunday and gathering with my friends for everyone's favorite meal: brunch. Here are just some of my Hanover brunch must-haves!

Yo-Yo Ma
Hilary Hahn
Silk Road
Bernie Sanders

Navigating the woods: what's there to do at Dartmouth?

Coming to Dartmouth from a relatively lively and central town in New Jersey, I remember being terrified that I'd feel closed off or isolated at a school that prides itself in sayings like "Welcome to the Woods!" and the accessibility of the natura

Baker-Berry Tower at sunset
Dartmouth Hall at sunset
snowy landscape
person in sunny woods
person in a cornfield
Dartmouth Hall

Roaming around the girdled earth

One of the things that stands out most clearly about Dartmouth is how pretty it is—the first time I drove up with my parents, I noted how the sky seemed to be bluer than it was back in New Jersey, and how the air seemed crisper and more f