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As you learn about what it can be like to live on campus here at Dartmouth, you may hear the term UGA thrown out a lot. But what does that mean? As a UGA, I’m here to tell you.

An Undergraduate Advisor (UGA)is a student employee for the college who lives in campus housing and helps oversee a part of the dorm. We are student leaders living in your dorms and stand alone houses that serve as both resources for you as fellow students, and employees of the college that help ensure that students are safe and following residential life guidelines. 

Each term we have an intensive training to prepare us for the upcoming ten weeks. Generally, UGAs are not only on campus but also in classes during the terms that they are working. 

To make this a bit more tangible, I have examples of things you would see on campus that are done by UGAs.

move in
We help you move in freshman year.

We make cute decorations for your doors.

We make and switch out bulletin boards that have useful information.

These are only a few examples from the long list of things we do as UGAs. Ultimately, we are members of Dartmouth’s community of care and are here to support our residents. This could be through floor events to foster community, but it could also be through a weekly newsletter or taking residents for gelato. We are here for you!

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