canoe on the Connecticut River

Since all we seem to be able to think about lately is winter (brrrr), I'm going to try something a little different. Welcome to a snap tour of my sophomore summer (16X): no big revelations, just some photos and good, old-fashioned fun. We begin with a sophomore summer "must." Canoeing in the Connecticut River... ...or swinging into it.

rope swing sophomore summer
I made her go first. I was too scared.

Getting outside, even if it was in the middle of the night.

volunteering for the fifty sophomore summer
me and Em volunteering at a support station for the brave souls hiking The Fifty, an overnight 50-mile hike from Hanover to Mount Moosilauke. Our station theme was "farm." (Can you tell?)

Eating all of the ice cream I wanted, which meant lots of trips to Ice Cream Fore-U (IC4U), an ice cream-lovers paradise.

Abigail ice cream for you sophomore summer
IC4U post-jumping in the river (ignore the water stains)
ice cream for you water polo 18s
another one with the water polo '18s. because why not?

Running it back with the freshman floor...

freshman floor Molly's sophomore summer
floor dinner at Molly's in downtown Hanover

...including a trip to see fireworks on the 4th of July!

sophomore summer fourth of july freshman floor
low quality photo, high quality peeps

Hosting the fam for a visit...

Angie green sophomore summer
Reunited with the little sis (Angie)!


sunrike to Gile parents sophomore summer
Mom, Dad, and me sunriking (sunrise hiking) Gile Mountain
Angie top of Gile Tower sophomore summer
Angie, unamused after waking up at 4:30AM for the sunrise well as friends from home!

pong Sabrina sophomore summer
teaching my best friend Sabrina to play pong the Dartmouth way

Going to classes like physics...

physics sophomore summer
(I took three classes over sophomore summer: physics, genetics, and theory of laughter.)
photo Hollye black and white sophomore summer
reading for theory of laughter while my roommate snapped pics for her Photo 1 class

Decorating the apartment with flowers from the Organic Farm... Organic Farm flowers sophomore summer And enjoying formal season. formal with Emily sophomore summer Lastly, thinking back on these mems and on the warm summer sun. (Okay, maybe mostly the warm sun. But also the mems.) Hope you enjoyed it!


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