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Abbi and a friend sharing a sled going down a snowy hill at the golf course.

When I was applying to college, the most important moment to me on every tour was when I asked about students' work/life balance. I knew that I was looking for both academic rigor and opportunities for fun. I was wary of schools that seemed more competitive than collaborative, and where stress seemed to be the baseline campus mood. As I was weighing all my options, Dartmouth stood out for two main reasons: the wide array of social opportunities and how financially accessible they were. In person and throughout my remote terms, I have found that my initial instincts were correct – Dartmouth students excel in the classroom and when it's time to have fun.

As I mentioned, there are a wide range of opportunities to make friends and destress on campus. Dartmouth is notorious for Greek life, which does offer tons of opportunities to dance and meet new people (during non-pandemic times, of course). I am not personally involved in Greek life and I haven't found that it's detracted from my experience at Dartmouth at all. I still have affiliated friends and spaces that feel comfortable. There is also an open-door policy for many Greek life events, which means publicly listed events are open to all students.

Greek life is definitely important to campus life, but I wouldn't say that it dominates the social scene. There are free events happening constantly, including: movies at the Hopkins Center, hockey and football games, trivia night, arts and crafts in Collis, Friday Night Rock concerts, and video game tournaments. I could fill an entire blog post with a list of all the free, cool events that happen on campus, but the point is, there are a lot of them. Some of my favorite nights have also been more casual, where my friends and I have ordered pizza and played board games before heading out to walk down Greek row.

As a low-income student, financial accessibility of social opportunities at Dartmouth has been crucial to my experience. Whether I'm attending a free arts and crafts night or running into friends at an open Greek life event, I've found a great balance between work and play as a Dartmouth student.

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