Admissions Facts & Advice


Transfer Applications

  • Is there a minimum college grade point average required for transfer admission?

    No. We review the academic record of each transfer applicant closely, looking at the courses taken and the grades received over time. Most admitted students have a grade point average higher than 3.7.

  • How many new transfer students enroll at Dartmouth each year?

    In the past Dartmouth has enrolled between 15 and 25 new transfer students each year. Over 700 students apply for admission as transfer students.

  • Is it better to apply as an entering sophomore or as a junior? Does Dartmouth have a transfer preference?

    No. Regardless of how many credits an applicant has earned before coming to Dartmouth, the admissions selection process for transfers is the same. Dartmouth does not seek to enroll a specific number of new sophomores or juniors into any one class year.

  • I am a transfer applicant. Do I need to submit a mid-term report?

    No. Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts for all college-level work completed to date along with their secondary school transcripts, but we do not require a mid-term update. Some applicants submit them, but this is not necessary.

  • How do I add materials to my transfer application?

    We accept additional materials to supplement your application with new information. Don’t weigh down your application file with unnecessary information but you can submit your additional materials in the student's portion of the Common App for Transfer Students. Here's more info on Additional Materials.

  • I'm applying for transfer admission. Do I need to submit the Common Application's Secondary School Report?

    We will need your secondary school to submit your transcript. For most applicants, the Common Application's Secondary School Report is the most sensible vehicle for the transcript, but we can accept an official transcript from your school without this form. Similarly, if your secondary school guidance counselor is not able to complete all portions of the Secondary School Report, it is fine if he/she submits a partially completed report along with your transcript.

  • Does Dartmouth interview transfer applicants?

    No, we do not offer interviews to transfer applicants.

  • I'm not sure if I should apply as a first year student or as a transfer student?

    Students who have taken college coursework that is counting towards their high school graduation should apply as first-year applicants. This includes students pursuing an associate's degree while finishing high school. Students who have completed high school and have enrolled in college, even for one term or less, must apply as a transfer applicant. Students who have completed two years or less of college coursework at the time of application are eligible to apply as a transfer student. Students who have previously earned a bachelor's degree are not eligible for transfer or first-year admission to Dartmouth.

  • Can transfer applicants submit art supplements?

    No. Dartmouth does not accept art supplements from transfer students.

  • Does Dartmouth accept spring transfer students?

    No, all transfer students at Dartmouth matriculate in September.