Admissions Facts & Advice


Admitted Students

  • If I want to take a gap year, when should I send in my request to do this?

    If you wish to take a gap year, you must submit a letter by email to the Assistant to the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid by June 1. For detailed instructions on submitting your request, visit our Gap Year page.

  • What date do classes start for the fall 2018 term at Dartmouth?

    The first day of classes is Wednesday, September 12, 2018. All students will be required to attend New Student Orientation before this date (see the NSO website for details). Also, many students will choose to participate in First-Year Trips, which will mean arriving in Hanover before Orientation. The college has provided a 2018-2019 Key Dates Academic Calendar.

  • When can I expect to receive details about when I should arrive in Hanover, where I will be living, and what academic decisions I will need to make?

    In the spring, you will start to receive more details regarding New Student Orientation, information about housing, and information regarding academic choices. In early summer you’ll be contacted about the Dartmouth Outing Club’s First-Year Trips program.

  • Which sections of your website are most useful for admitted students to access information about New Student Orientation and living and learning at Dartmouth?

  • How can I connect with the other admitted students in my year?

    Join your Class’s Facebook group. Each year we create a group for the newly admitted students. You can log into Facebook to share your stories and meet your future classmates. We post the link to the group on our Admitted Students page on the Dartmouth Admissions website.

  • Where do I find visa information for international students?

    The Dartmouth Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) will provide an introductory letter in your Admissions packet to explain the Dartmouth visa sponsorship process. OVIS will be in contact with international students during the winter/spring/summer terms to support you as you complete your visa tasks. They also publish a checklist for international students including important dates and information about the steps between admission and orientation.

  • Where do I find information about financial aid?

    If you have applied for aid, information about your application will be posted in the lower portion of your status page within our Application Management System. For general information, visit our Financial Aid Office's website.

  • How do I enroll at Dartmouth once I have been admitted and have decided to attend?

    You'll need to log in to Dartmouth's Application Management System with your email address and password (as you do when you check your application status). Close to the bottom of your personal portal page, you will see a link to the  "Admitted Student's Reply Form." Just complete the form and submit it!

  • Do admitted students need to send a deposit?

    No, Dartmouth does not require a deposit.

    Just log in to the Dartmouth Application Management System then complete and submit the Admitted Students Reply Form (located near the foot of your personal status page). That’s all we need from you to officially add you to your Dartmouth class list!

  • I was accepted to Dartmouth but I can’t afford to attend. What can I do?

    Tell us! Additional information from you or your family may result in award adjustments consistent with an equitable treatment of all our students. The Financial Aid Office can also advise families about loan and monthly payment plans. Contact Dartmouth's Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to discuss your options.

  • I have been accepted to Dartmouth but I have not received a confirmation via regular mail. Does Dartmouth send out an admit letter for newly admitted students?

    Yes. Incoming first-year students should receive an admit letter in the mail during the week following the online Admissions announcements. If you have not received anything from Dartmouth by the end of that week, please contact us and let us know. 

  • I applied to Dartmouth and I was accepted! What do I do next?

    If you have been accepted and would like to commit to enroll at Dartmouth you will need to log in to our Application Management System and complete and submit the Admitted Students Reply Form (located near the foot for your personal status page). In addition, we encourage you to check out the Admitted Students page and join your class Facebook group.

  • Are there any opportunities for early decision admitted students to visit campus before the start of the academic year?

    Admitted early decision students are welcome to visit campus at any time! Regional Admitted Student Events are a great way for you to meet alumni in your area as well as other members of the Dartmouth community. You are also welcome to join us at our Dimensions of Dartmouth events. We would love for you to share your perspective with the regular decision students who will be attending and are considering their options.


    The next planned event for ED admitted students is the New Student Orientation program, which takes place in September, just before classes start.

  • Does Dartmouth host April visit programs for admitted students?

    Yes, we certainly do. Admitted students are invited to visit campus in April for pre-programmed days with campus tours, information sessions, student-run events, and financial aid open office hours. We also have plan-your-own visit days most weekdays in April, when you can attend information sessions and take a guided tour. We call these April visiting programs Dimensions of Dartmouth, and visitors can access detailed schedules for these programs toward the end of March each year.