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Students are here to answer your questions! Whether you want to know more about a specific academic field or what students eat for breakfast, we’re here for you. We know that sometimes asking questions can be tricky, hard, or maybe even embarrassing, which is why your question will be totally anonymous.

Q: How many hours of sleep do Dartmouth students get on average?

A: I personally get 6-7, which is surprisingly probably more than I got in high school. Most of my friends probably get around 7-8 hours in per night on average. – Brian ’21

A: I’m the kind of person who can’t function without at least 7 hours of sleep, so I typically get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights and roughly 6-7 during finals. I know my experience may be quite different from other Dartmouth students’, but I’ve never had to pull an all-nighter for academic reasons. -Colleen ’19

A: 9 hours! -Julianna ’20

A: 12 hours on weekend, 5-6 hours if I go straight to bed after finishing my homework during the week, and 3-4 hours if I hang out with friends after homework or during midterms. -Autumn ’21

Q: If I have a bike that’s bought from Walmart but needs fixing, can I bring it to you to fix it?

A: Hi! Yes! Dartmouth’s Sustainability Office runs Dartmouth Bikes, a student-organized repair group that offers individual appointments and pop-up bike shops (called “PUBS”) for any bike on campus. Individual appointments, which can be scheduled here, cost $5 per hour, while PUBS charges no fee. For both services you need to pay for any new parts they install, but that costs very little as well. If your tires need air, there is a pump outside Collis available for free.

Hope this helps! Wishing you many happy bike rides,

Sarah ’20