Admissions Apply

Recommendations & Reports

Transfer applicants submit written evaluations from two college instructors and a Registrar Report.

College Instructor Evaluations

These evaluations help us understand what you are like in the classroom.

If a graduate teaching assistant is the instructor most familiar with your academic work, you may ask a teaching assistant rather than a faculty member to submit an evaluation for you.

Instructor Evaluations should be submitted by people who have taught you in college or university courses and not by your secondary school teachers.

If you want to share perspectives from your high school career with the Admissions Committee, you are welcome to ask your school to attach a recommendation to your Final Report, submit a completed Secondary School Report with a Counselor Recommendation, or ask a teacher from high school to submit a supplemental recommendation your behalf.

Peer Evaluation

The Peer Evaluation is not required for transfer applicants, but you are welcome to submit a peer evaluation with your application for admission to Dartmouth if you'd like to.

College Official's Report

The College Official's Report must completed by a dean or other college official who has access to your disciplinary record and to your academic record.

The Registrar’s Report must be completed by a Registrar or other college official who has access to your disciplinary record and your academic record.

  • The primary purpose of the College Official's Report is to confirm that you are or have been a student in good standing.
  • At many colleges and universities, the person who completes the College Official's Report may not personally know the applicant. While the report provides for a written evaluation, the form can be submitted without it.
  • Applicants can choose to have their faculty advisor or another official who does know them submit a recommendation as an additional Academic Evaluator to be included with the College Official's recommendation. These recommendations often comment on the student's experiences in and out of the classroom, their academic interests and possible major, and their motivation for seeking to transfer.

Final Report

Dartmouth requires Transfer applicants to submit a Final Report from their secondary school.  This report can be downloaded from the Assign Recommenders section of the Common Application.