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One of the many beautiful sunsets in Hawaii

Last year, I was lucky enough to go on a Dartmouth Outing Club Spring Break trip to Hawaii!!

How did I get so lucky? Firstly, the Dartmouth Outing Club, the country’s oldest and largest collegiate outing group, is the formal organization that hosts most of the College's recreational outdoor activities (like fishing, hiking, climbing, etc.) They are also responsible for our famous First-Year trips, the pre-orientation trips that freshmen go on with their fellow classmates and upperclassmen trip leaders. The DOC also happens to host really cool break trips in the winter, spring, and summer. Essentially, students fill out a simple application, and if you’re chosen, you could end up going on amazing adventures to places like Big Bend, The Rockies, Big Sur, etc. Last year, the Spring Break trip to Hawaii was announced; I applied, and to my great amazement, I was accepted! (They host multiple trips each break so not getting accepted is not a big deal, you just apply again).

Cliffside by the ocean

Ocean cliffside of one of our hikes

So, I should also disclose that I am the least outdoorsy person I know. I lived in a city my whole life prior to college, didn’t even know what a spork was, and I had only gone hiking once before, and that was on my First-year trip! But regardless, I’ve been aspiring to be more nature-y and thankfully, previous experience isn’t always heavily weighed for these trips. The DOC also offers amazing financial aid for its trips, which was a big part of why I was able to go. All of this is to say that it is always worth trying. Whether it’s trying out for a sports team, applying to something that you feel is completely out of your league, or I don't know, applying to Dartmouth, it is always worth trying. Sometimes people end up seeing things in you that you may not be able to see yet, but in order for that to happen you have to put yourself out there first.

Me hiking
Me hiking in Hawaii, something I never thought I'd be able to say

Anyway, I ended up doing a lot of things in Hawaii, many of which I didn’t expect. if you want to find out what they were, stay tuned for part two of this post! Bye for now!