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Plate of food Amy cooked
Pork Dumplings
Pesto stuffed salmon


While at school, the one (fairly unexpected) thing I've missed the most about living at home is cooking. Dining hall food can get boring after a while, and there's something quite relaxing and pleasant about the action of cutting up ingredients and spending time in the kitchen. However, shared kitchens and uncertain transportation can make cooking somewhat difficult. Living on the Humanities LLC (Living Learning Community) floor last year, however, meant that our floor was able to get funding for different activities and events, such as movie nights and... cooking!


We were able to get together and cook a few times during the term, which was awesome because it allowed me to get to know my floor better and form closer connections. I went to Price Chopper in West Lebanon with my UGA (Undergraduate Advisor) and bought groceries (using a list of requests made by everyone who was cooking) in the morning, and brought them back to the floor kitchen, where we later congregated together to cook and eat. The food was excellent, and it was cool to see what everyone could make!