platform overlook with mountains
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Manny striking a pose

When you see this photo, you may ask yourself two questions.

1. Is this guy making a very sad attempt at a thumbs up?
2. Who is he?

Thankfully, I can at least answer the second question for you. My name is Emmanuel Elijah Howze-Warkie, but my friends call me Manny (because it rolls off the tongue a bit easier?). I’m an ’18 from Cleveland, MS who first learned about Dartmouth from Dr. Meredith Grey. In case you haven’t heard of her, she’s a television character who just so happens to also be Dartmouth alum.

But don’t worry, I didn’t make my college decision because of a fictional character (no matter how awesome she may be). I chose Dartmouth because more than any other school I was considering, I felt like individual students truly matter here. Thankfully, that sentiment held true when I dropped the prospective in “prospective student.” These days you can most likely find me studying one of my many interests (Cognitive Science, Sociology, and Africa and African American Studies), in the music department (for voice lessons, Glee Club, or a cappella rehearsal), spending time with some of the incredible people I’ve met on this campus, or composing posts (for this blog and my personal one).